About us

Web64 is a company based in Norway. Our mission is to connect all the content published within a country, giving insights into what is being talked about and how that shapes the public opinion.


Graph64, the real-time semantic graph for a country, is the underlying dataset that powers all our products and services.

Graph64 works by collecting all content published or shared on social media within a country in real-time, the content is analyzed to build connections to within the dataset.


A range of consumer and B2B products and services are built on top of the Graph64 dataset.


Deriva.no gives you the most shared content including links, photos, videos, tweets and Facebook posts that are trending in Norway.

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Deriva Live is a demo showcasing all the latest content published in Norway in real-time. Do a real-time search to see when your brand is mentioned next in the news.
See the latest photos, videos or tweets as they are being published.

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SearchBox.no is a new Norwegian type of search engine to be launched in 2017.

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StoryBoard is a social media analytics tool for online publishers, helping journalists, editors and media analysts to get the full picture of what stories are being shared right now!

Demo: Norway

Demo: Denmark

Demo: Sweden

Demo: Portugal


Tvitre.no is a platform that uses machine learning to detect Twitter users from a country or sector. Since the launch in 2009 it has identified almost 700,000 norwegian twitter users.

The website is a tool for Norwegian twitter users to find other users to follow and to see how they rank within the country and locally.

The platform is now being rolled out for the rest of Scandinavia.

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  • Deriva.no


  • SearchBox.no


  • StoryBoard.mx


  • Tvitre.no



We offer two types of APIs, content extraction and access to the Graph64 dataset.

Article Extraction API

Our Article Extraction API returns clean structured content from any website.

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StoryBoard API

The StoryBoard API provides access to social media sharing statistics for articles from your publication and from other publishers within your country.

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  • Article Extraction API

    Article Extraction API

  • StoryBoard API

    StoryBoard API



Web64 was founded by Olav Hjertaker. Follow him on Twitter at @olavhjertaker or on his blog olav.hjertaker.com.


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