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Our mission is to understand the world better using data.

We are building a platform, a real-time semantic graph, that will monitor how ideas spread and grow throughout society, collecting everything being published in a country and using Artificial Intelligence to discover hidden connections. This dataset allows you to measure key indicators within society in real-time, and see how one event or news story changes people’s perception on an issue.


StoryBoard is a social media analytics tool for online publishers, helping journalists, editors and media analysts to get the full picture of what stories are being shared right now on their publication, as well as the country as a whole.

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DASHBOARD displays real-time information about what is trending in a country. DASHBOARD comes with several pre-made dashboards, but can be completely customized and and connect into existing data sources such as Google Analytics, Intercom, Stripe or Mixpanel.

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Smart Countries

We provide real-time dashboards and analytics tools showing what topics and events are engaging people right now.


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Storyboard moniters what news articles are shared in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Portugal.

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