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We currently provide analytics for Norway, Denmark and Portugal.

StoryBoard: Leaderboards of trending stories in social media

Discover today's top stories in social media, search the news archive, compare news sites and see how the media landscape changes over time. is the leading tool for monitoring what news articles are shared in social media for a country.

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Real-time dashboards of what is trending in the main online platforms in your country.

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DataBoard - Media monitoring

Find deeper insights into what content is published, shared and where it is being shared from.

DataBoard is a media monitoring tool allowing you set up alerts for when content is published or is trending, see leaderboard of most shared PDF documents, search the archive and much more.

DataBoard is currently only available for Norway.

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StoryBoard mobile app
now avalable!

Stay up to date on the today's top and currently trending news when you are on the move.

Customize the leaderboards to show news from the news sites you like.

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StoryBoard mobile app

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  • For Journalists
    Social media: Article statistics


    Follow in real-time how your own stories are doing in social media. Discover trending opinion pieces or local news stories that your publications should also cover.

    Data journalists can use our vast data archive to find interesting topics to write about.

  • For Media Analysts
    Compare websites

    Media Analysts

    Monitor how your publication is performing in social media month by month, and compare your publication with your competitors.

    Analyze what type of stories are often shared the most and how this has changed over the years.

  • For Political Advisors
    Sosiale medier: Politiske partier

    Political Advisors

    Get a daily overview of what topics are engaging the public.

    See historical social media engagement for important topics to spot new trends in opinion.

  • For Researchers
    Social media research


    Analyze our archive of millions of articles to find changes in media consumption and public opinion.


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    “ Storyboard has been a very helpful tool in several of our research projects involving the monitorization of social networks, and in our investigation into the spread of ‘fake news’. ”
    José Moreno
    ISCTE Media Lab (PT)
    “ Storyboard has been a useful tool to track users' social media engagement with specific articles and websites in several of my research projects. ”
    “ Storyboard's search features are vital in our research on SoMe engagement. We also use the tool for live monitoring. ”
    Tore Bergsaker


Our clients include leading media companies, political parties, fact-checking organisations, government institurions and researchers.

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